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Easy Roller Dice — My Dice Collection Grows

July 9, 2016

Little known fact: I collect things. Well, it’s not really a hidden secret from my family and friends, but I wanted to share a bit about one of my collections and I thought this particular collection went well with my parody-RPG game, Yipe.

My dice collection.

Dice Collection

My dice collection started back in elementary school, when I’d occasionally play D&D. My Dad picked me up a set of 4 jade dice for a birthday and well… there was no turning back on this becoming another one of my collections. Since then, over the years I’ve picked up a die here or there. Sometimes finding a store that had a great selection and I’d grab a handful.

However, I just added the biggest single group of die ever to my collection, courtesy of Easy Roller Dice. The chance to add metal dice to my collection was just too much to resist. I also ended up with my first ever dice tray, which I have to say is pretty awesome both for rolling dice and now being the new home to my collection.

Easy Roller Dice

Can’t speak highly enough about the quality of these dice. You check check them out at I’ll end with a couple pics of my 5 year old son getting in on the action!

Organizing Dice

Liam Rolling Dice