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Yipe 5 Quest: Learning Javascript

July 1, 2020

Well, more like brushing up on javascript, but in any case, lots of learning going on as I look at updating Yipe 5 to be playable again.  Let me start off by saying thanks to you.  Those of you who have asked me where to download or play any of the Yipe games, here in 2020… years and years after the original game was released.  Thanks.  That’s what inspires me to dust off my programming skills and make sure Yipe stays updated and playable.

So here we are… summer of 2020.  And dabbling here and there in my spare time (which there definitely seems to be more of in 2020), I’ve got a bit of a prototype running.


I wrote a bit about using the canvas element to get started on this project over on  And all of the links across and that sent you to the app store to download Yipe 5 now link to that page.  Once the game is playable, that page will link to the game.

There’s still a lot to get working.  Especially all those Yipe 5 nuances, like the interactions with Idle Hands, the secrets, the conversations with the King and Jester and a variety of other things to make it a complete game.  The game is not exactly mobile friendly yet, but surprisingly works pretty well out of the box with what I’ve done so far.

Anyway, thought it’d be fun to share a post with some progress updates.  And for those looking to create their own 2D games using canvas, here’s a few resources I found helpful along the way.

My list could go on and on.  If you’re curious about other resources or have a specific question about getting the game to work in a browser, let me know!

4.5 Months in: Yipe! Sales Report

April 19, 2010

Yipe! 5 was released to the App store on December 5th, 2009.

The free lite version went out March 10th, 2010.

In the 4.5 months since that first version went out, I thought I’d share some stats on how things went with sales, downloads, updates, in-app purchases, etc.

Let’s start out with the totals.  I download the “weekly top 50” report from iTunes Connect every Monday and put it into a little excel sheet I have.  Here’s the summary details:

Yipe 5: Attack of Idle Hands
Sales In App Purchases Aprox USD Value
USD Tot 1057 19 $1,384.60
AUD tot 72 $92.50
GBP tot 127 $133.31
EUR tot 120 $146.70
CAN tot 75 $93.10
JPY tot 29 $37.93
Totals 1,480 19 $1,888.14
Yipe 5 Lite RPG: Attack of Idle Hands
Downloads In-App    Unlock Game In-App Purchases Aprox USD Value
USD Tot 1091 57 12 $88.20
AUD tot 79 4 $5.50
GBP tot 105 7 $7.88
EUR tot 210 7 9 $15.22
CAN tot 104 1 $1.40
JPY tot 62 0 $0.00
Totals 1,651 76 21 $118.20
Percentage of Unlocks from total downloads: 4.60%
Total Installs and Apple Payouts from Yipe! and Yipe! Lite
Installs Revenue Apple   Payout Apple       Owes
USD Tot 2167 $1,472.80 $960.40 $512.40
AUD tot 151 $98.00 $98.00
GBP tot 232 $141.19 $141.19
EUR tot 330 $161.92 $161.92
CAN tot 179 $94.50 $94.50
JPY tot 91 $37.93 $37.93
Totals 3,150 $2,006.34 $960.40 $1,045.93

Ok, let’s break this down a bit.

The game is typically priced at $1.99  in the app store.  I’ve put it on sale for 99 cents a couple of times and sales definitely go up when that happens, more on that later.  My “In App Purchases” are always 99 cents.  They represent the in app purchases I have in the game for “Unlock additional Save Slots” and “Add 10 pack of heals”.  The “In-App Unlock Game” row for the LITE version has been a $1.99 purchase up to this point and that unlocks the entire game, just as if you had bought the full version.

Of those purchase prices, I receive 70% and Apple takes the other 30%.  The numbers in the charts above represent my share, after Apple has already taken their cut.

Notice the Apple Payouts section.  Apple pays out on a monthly basis if you have received $150 USD value for any given currency.  So far, I have only reached this twice, Dec 2009 for USD sales and Jan 2010 for USD sales.  For AUD, GBP, EUR, CAN, JPY, I have not been paid anything from Apple for my sales since I have not yet reached $150 in total approximate sales.  I went over $150 for March USD, but have not actually received the payout from Apple yet.

It looks like I actually am there for EUR now.  $161.92 total over 4.5 months.  So, hopefully as April comes to a close, I should receive a payout for those sales.

I have heard on discussion boards that Apple will eventually pay you out, even if you do not receive $150 in total sales for a given currency.  I’m just not sure when this happens.

Price changes and Updates.  What increase do I receive?  Here’s a weekly progress report with info on what (if anything) happened each week.  Weeks are based on Apple’s weekly reports and cover the period of Monday through Sunday each week.  These sales totals are specific to the full version and do not count in-app purchases or downloads of lite version.

Week 1: 98 total sales (Dec 5, 6)  First 2 days of being in the app store.  Ahhh, these were the glory days.  Made it up to top 55 in RPG category.
Week 2: 151 (Dec 7-13)  Things started going down after day 4 as the drop in sales was noticeable.   Days 5 and 6 had 13 total sales each and I dropped down to 90 in top paid RPG category.  After this I was out of the top 100 until…
Week 3: 160 (Dec 14-20) Version 1.1 was released on Dec 16th.  This got members talking again and that definitely helped sales.  The day before, Dec 15th, I actually cracked the top 100 again as 26 sales put me at 87th in top 100 RPG category.  One thing the update did was allow 3.0 OS users to download the game.  The original release only allowed 3.1 or higher OS iPhones to download the game.  This however was not a major factor in increasing sales.  From my stats on, about 2% of my downloads over all time have been from iPhone users with an OS Version below 3.1.
Week 4: 150 (Dec 21-27)  On Dec 23rd, did a review of the game.  Sadly it received only 2/4 stars, but the review was actually fairly positive.
Week 5: 139 (Dec 28 – Jan 3)
Week 6: 137 (Jan 4-10) 148Apps review of Yipe went out.  4/5 stars.
Week 7: 69 (Jan  11-17)
Week 8: 39 (Jan 18-24)
Week 9: 39 (Jan 25-31) On Jan 29th, 1.2 version was released which had lots of major changes.  I posted about those here: 1.2 Yipe changes.
Week 10: 148 (Feb 1-7) On Feb 2nd, price was reduced to $0.99.
Week 11: 27 (Feb 8-14) Raised price back up to $1.99 on Feb 8th.
Week 12: 19 (Feb 15-21)
Week 13: 20 (Feb 22-28)
Week 14: 21 (Mar 1-7) Review of Yipe on TouchMyApps was on March 2nd.
Week 15: 48 (Mar 8-14) March 10th, lite version was released.
Week 16: 37 (Mar 15-21) March 12th was official release party in SF.  March 16th, good review from For the stats period ending March 21st, the lite version had a total of 919 installs and 39 of those purchased the in-app purchase to unlock the full game.  March 21st, I started an ad on  The ad will run for 30 days.
Week 17: 73 (Mar 22-28)  On March 26th, price was reduced to $0.99.
Week 18: 56 (Mar 29 – Apr 4)  On April 2nd, price was raised back up to $1.99.
Week 19: 30 (Apr 5-11)
Week 20: 19 (Apr 12-18)
Week 21: ?? (Apr 19-18)  Just putting this uncompleted week here to note that my ad on expires on the 19th.  The ad was displaying on  Results are in for the 30 day ad run:  42,796 impressions, 100 clicks, 0.23% click through rate, $0.02 ECPM.  The ad directed people to the Yipe! 5 site,  Here’s a link to the Yipe! ad displaying on the site.  Here’s the actual full animated Yipe! ad.

Lastly, I will leave you with some links to my analytical data on PinchMedia.

Pic 1:  Dashboard.  Shows total unique users according to PinchMedia.  The Jailbroken users could be either paying or cracked version users.  No way to tell.

Pic 2: More Dashboard info.  Breaks down the Device type, OS Version and Application version.

Pic 3: Number of sessions per unique user over the lifetime of Yipe! 5 (full version).  Most people only open up the game 5-9 times, but there are still plenty of people who have opened the game up even more.  I wonder who the 500+ user is?

Pic 4: Session Durations.  Every time someone opens the game, how long do they keep it open, before closing the application?  I like this chart a lot because it shows that Yipe users typically stay within the application a fairly long time.  Most users keep the app open from 2-10 minutes and a significant amount of sessions last over 10 minutes.

Pic 5: Using PinchMedia, I can track specific occurrences in the game.  I set the game up to let me know when users hit certain levels, beat the first boss monster, finish the game and start new characters of a specific type.  Keep in mind that a single user could have started more than 1 character, so these are not unique user numbers.  I also didn’t add the tracking for new chars, bunny boss or NED levels until version 1.2, which explains why the numbers are so off for level 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, which were all in place from day 1, as was “Finished”.

Pic 6: As I looked at Pic 5, I realized the lifetime data here isn’t as meaningful, since I didn’t record everything from day 1.  For the lite version I did record everything from day 1, so here are the stats for the lite version.  Keep in mind that a player can only reach level 8 in the “trial” part of the lite version.  You must use the  “unlock game” in-app purchase to advance past level 8, get to the NED cave, finish the game, etc.  Total unique users who have unlocked the full lite version: 76.

Well, that’s my 4.5 month report!

iPad RPG screenshots!

April 15, 2010

Ok, we have a ways to go… but here’s a few intro screen shots from what I’ve been working on so far with the iPad version of Yipe! 5.  Mostly just trying to get things in the general layout I want and then will clean up from there.  Dylan already gave me larger images for all monsters, hero’s and world tiles, so those are in place and look nice and clear on the iPad.

Exporing the world on the iPad

The famous intro screen comes to the iPad!

Yipe! 5 Release Party

March 20, 2010

Dylan put up some pictures from the Yipe! 5 Release party.  You can check them out here.

The party was definitely awesome!  As is my cool new Yipe! t-shirt!  May have some extras to put up somewhere soon…

Yipe! 5 FREE Lite version available!

March 11, 2010

After a bit of a delay due to that whole “demo” thing… Yipe! 5 Lite is available in the app store!  You can now pick up your FREE copy of Yipe! 5.  I’ve added in-app purchasing as well, so you can unlock the full game and continue playing with your saved characters.  You can also purchase a couple other new add-ons, like additional save slots and a 10 pack of heals for your character.

Here’s the itunes link:

To all Yipe! loyal fans, I still encourage you to download the free one if you already have the full version!  It will help me get more attention to the app!

Oh… and don’t forget the SF release party!  Two days away!

Yipe 5 Version 1.2 submitted to Apple

January 24, 2010

I submitted the next update to Apple for Yipe 5 (app store yipe link). Here’s the overview of changes as well as a bit extra for Yipe News page readers!

Version 1.2
Major changes:
New Dungeon! Can you find the treasure at the end? Or does it end?
User can now move the controls (d-pad) to the left side of screen.

iPhone Yipe(Controls Screen Shot)

A few new secrets added around the world.
New Progress Bar to see progress towards exp needed to advance to next level.
New heal item you can find, Mushroom Spores, from… well… Wild Mushrooms, of course.
New Quest from Puff’s hut.

UI and content changes:
New option for controls so you can see basic player stats displayed in controls area.
A number of new/different messages around the world and from the King’s Castle.
All moving monsters now have an alternate image to show movement.
All monster and player images should show up clearer in combat screen now.
We use monster name in combat in some places now instead of generic terms.
Added an extra screen in final credits, along with some info on secrets you missed.
Cleaned up quests screen a bit.
Don’t display “close” button in Puff’s hut if there is a special message from Puff.
Four new sounds. Find cool item, minor injury, water hole drinking, boulder moving.
Yipe News page extra: New elf character icon that you can find in new player creation.
Yipe News page extra: New tombstone in Hell that will taunt you. (More to come in Yipe Hell in future versions)

Lowered the cost of a few of the heal items in the heal shops around the world.
Some final monsters now will drop a weapon or armor item when you kill them.
Magic Shield healing slightly reduced.
Special abilities don’t work quite as well versus final monsters, especially Idle Hands.
Player level plays a slightly lower factor on special skills after level 15.
Higher level monsters will not appear on surface until you discover them.

Bug fixes:
Fixed a bug with character creation if you used “back” button. Attributes would end up incorrect.
Fixed bug with backpack quest becoming uncompleted. This is repaired in Puff’s hut if it happened to your character.
Fixed display issue in combat text if you tried to select the text.
Link to Idle Hands Toy page fixed.
Fixed spot in fire cave where you could end up on top of lava.
Footsteps play properly on sandy roads now.
A few typos fixed.

Settings/Preferences now save to device from within app.

Yipe! 5 is live?!?!

December 5, 2009

On Saturday late afternoon, December 5th, I got a text from my friend Jeff letting me know that Yipe 5 was live, in the app store!

App Store Link

Introducing a new Yipe! monster…

November 22, 2009

Great weekend of working on iYipe! Hoping to finish up a few last things tonight and then submitting to the app store! Oh, and we’re up to 47 facebook fans of Yipe! As a special news page sneak peak, I have to say this is one of my new favorite monsters.

Introducing, Donut Master! Yipe Donut Master

Lots of cool Yipe! things

October 28, 2009

Lots of cool things this week:

  • Latest beta version went out with the complete world design in place
  • Dylan has unveiled the Yipe! 5 website! —
  • There is now a Yipe Facebook fan page — Yipe! fan page
  • And to complete the social media circle, Yipe 5 has a twitter page — Follow Yipe! 5

iPhone Sneak peak

September 19, 2009

Ok, I can’t resist showing you an image with some of the new graphics. Not quite finalized, but this is a good sneak peak.
iPhone Yipe
Click for full size