99 cent sale, Danger! Dodgeball, Anything coming?

Both the full version of Yipe! 5 and the lite version option for unlocking the full game have reduced their prices down to 99 cents.  Seemed like a good summer move.  And if I actually analyzed my previous post a bit more, I’d probably realize I should have gone down to 99 cents awhile ago.  What can you do when you’re so tied up with your normal job?  Woah is me.  Ha.

So, a friend who was in the computer science program at Chico State just released an iPhone game with some of his buddies.  It’s got a catchy addictiveness to it and so I thought I’d give him a shout out.  Check out Danger! Dodgeball at the Robot Stampede site: http://www.robotstampede.com/

And as for updates on Yipe! 5 itself…

I have honestly been checked out the last few months from the world of Yipe!  Luckily, the world of Yipe! doesn’t need me to personally save it on a daily basis.  And there are still players out there trying out the game for the first time and enjoying it.  Like this comment on the App Store from yesterday:

“Bought it thinking I’d play here and there.  Ended up not being able to put it down.”  -r.richter, July 8, 2010

Always good to read those comments!

My update on actual development progress for Yipe! is:  Purchased an iPad and started on a version that was better suited for the iPad.  Put larger graphics in that Dylan gave me to make everything look crisp and clear on the iPad.  Realized the larger size graphics slowed down performance on the iPhone version.  So, now I was sort of in a state of not being able to do a release.  And then things sat for a bit.  A couple weeks ago, I optimized the memory usage so the large size images wouldn’t slow things down.  And started playing with Plus+ integration again.  And well, that’s where we are.  I think the games in a state I could do a release again, so if I can finish up Plus+, I’ll get something out.  No idea on timeline though.

7 Responses to “99 cent sale, Danger! Dodgeball, Anything coming?”

  1. Icegore Says:

    Please help me what you mean by think scarry!!!!
    I can’t find the entrance to hell and this drives me crazy it’s been 3 days that I was trying to find it
    pls pls help me

  2. yellomushroom Says:

    what happend to yipe 4?

  3. 2010 in review « Yipe Software News and Info Says:

    […] Yipe Software News and Info Fun RPG's for Mac, PC and iPhone « 99 cent sale, Danger! Dodgeball, Anything coming? […]

  4. Mike Morris Says:

    Any chance of Yipe 6 on the horizon?

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