An actual Yipe! blog?!?

Yes, it’s true.  Instead of updating my old news.htm page on my website, I’m now joining the new age and sharing my exciting Yipe! news here via my new little yipesoftware wordpress blog.

Big thanks for a few friends at work for helping me update the entire Yipe! website.  You can probably tell I did the setup on the layout for the blog, as that doesn’t look nearly as nice as the actual new website itself.

In other news… Apple denied my first submission of the FREE version of Yipe 5.  Dylan and I used the word “Demo” on the icon and graphics for the game and apparently you can’t release “demo’s” to the App store.  Not exactly sure what the difference is between a lite version and a demo version… but… ummm… whatever.

So, Yipe 5 – Lite RPG – Attack of Idle Hands is now updated to only use the words “lite” and “free” and we’re back to waiting for approval.  Hopefully we’ll get it approved before next weeks official Yipe! release party!  Haven’t heard about the release party?  Check out the Facebook Yipe Release Party Event page here.

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