Yipe 5 Version 1.2 submitted to Apple

I submitted the next update to Apple for Yipe 5 (app store yipe link). Here’s the overview of changes as well as a bit extra for Yipe News page readers!

Version 1.2
Major changes:
New Dungeon! Can you find the treasure at the end? Or does it end?
User can now move the controls (d-pad) to the left side of screen.

iPhone Yipe(Controls Screen Shot)

A few new secrets added around the world.
New Progress Bar to see progress towards exp needed to advance to next level.
New heal item you can find, Mushroom Spores, from… well… Wild Mushrooms, of course.
New Quest from Puff’s hut.

UI and content changes:
New option for controls so you can see basic player stats displayed in controls area.
A number of new/different messages around the world and from the King’s Castle.
All moving monsters now have an alternate image to show movement.
All monster and player images should show up clearer in combat screen now.
We use monster name in combat in some places now instead of generic terms.
Added an extra screen in final credits, along with some info on secrets you missed.
Cleaned up quests screen a bit.
Don’t display “close” button in Puff’s hut if there is a special message from Puff.
Four new sounds. Find cool item, minor injury, water hole drinking, boulder moving.
Yipe News page extra: New elf character icon that you can find in new player creation.
Yipe News page extra: New tombstone in Hell that will taunt you. (More to come in Yipe Hell in future versions)

Lowered the cost of a few of the heal items in the heal shops around the world.
Some final monsters now will drop a weapon or armor item when you kill them.
Magic Shield healing slightly reduced.
Special abilities don’t work quite as well versus final monsters, especially Idle Hands.
Player level plays a slightly lower factor on special skills after level 15.
Higher level monsters will not appear on surface until you discover them.

Bug fixes:
Fixed a bug with character creation if you used “back” button. Attributes would end up incorrect.
Fixed bug with backpack quest becoming uncompleted. This is repaired in Puff’s hut if it happened to your character.
Fixed display issue in combat text if you tried to select the text.
Link to Idle Hands Toy page fixed.
Fixed spot in fire cave where you could end up on top of lava.
Footsteps play properly on sandy roads now.
A few typos fixed.

Settings/Preferences now save to device from within app.

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