2009 Begins, what’s new with Yipe!?

Happy New Year! Not a lot new in the world of Yipe! news, but here are a few random updates:
I’ve updated the comments page a bit and added some better titles to some of the pages on the site for SEO purposes.

As usual, I’ve thought a lot about random new games and Yipe! things I could work on over the past year. To prove that I do actually think about these things and it’s not just me updating my news page saying I think about these things… I’ll share something I played around with awhile back. I had thought about working on a flash version of Yipe! so that it could run on my website and also because at the time we were doing some projects in flash at work and I wanted to have a better understanding of the language and development environment. So… Flash Yipe! was born. Don’t get too excited. I found some example flash apps that I started modifying and this is as far as I got: Flash Yipe!

My other random idea of the month is to create a Facebook app that will allow you to display your Yipe! stats on your Facebook page. Sort of like my high scores page here on the site, but it would be more automated so anyone could update their stats without me having to manually process things. I’ll let you know how far this gets. 🙂

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