2007 Life Update

One new news entry per year?  Hmm, seems like I could do a little better than that.  I did recently start a blog about my life in the eBay world, although I have to admit I’m about as good at creating new blog entries as I am Yipe! news entries.  One thing that got me thinking about making a Yipe! update was stumbling across an artist’s website who I thought made Yipeish type monsters.  Pretty cool, eh?

Update on Yipe! IV:  Still just thoughts in my head and notes in my notebook.  Did some research on new Mac development and couldn’t really decide on what development tools and language/framework to use.  It would be easier to write a PC version at this point in my life, but I feel Yipe! IV should be released for OSX first.  We’ll see.

My real job update:  Keeping me incredibly busy.  Our newest site gives you 1% cash back on your eBay purchases: Earn 1% back on eBay purchases

My life update: I got married!  May 12th, 2007.

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